You want to know more about the real estate and construction? Let’s read this article together and find what you’re looking for. willowdale Building construction consists of two syllables, namely construction (construction) which means the building, while the building which means an object constructed or established for the benefit of humans with the purpose, cost and time. Construction of buildings means a method or technique of making/building in order to qualify strong, durable, beautiful, functional and economical. The structure means that the object while construction means the technique or how to make the (engineering).

Buildings are grouped into four groups:
– The building, namely: offices, hospitals, hotels, homes, and others.
– Transportation Building, namely: bridges, railroads, roads, terminals, airports, ports, and other.
– Water Building, namely: dams, canals, drainage channels, culverts, and irrigation.
– Special Building namely high voltage power lines, radio towers, TV and so on.

In general, the construction of buildings must meet five requirements, namely:
1. Strong and durable, not easily broken in the sense that the maintenance costs become relatively cheap.
2. Functional, in terms of shape, size and organization of the room to meet the needs in accordance with its function.
3. Beautiful, in a sense, forms unsightly.
4. Hygienic, in terms of air circulation and light enough, so that the occupants feel comfortable and healthy.
5. Economical, in the sense that there is no wastage of financing to be relatively efficient and effective.

A system can be defined as an arrangement of parts which are interconnected or mutually dependent on each other to form a complex unity and is valid for one function. A building can be defined as a physical manifestation of multiple systems and subsystems are interconnected, coordinated, integrated with one another and with their three-dimensional form, as well as the spatial organization as a whole.

The structural system of a building is designed and constructed to be able to support and distribute the force of gravity and lateral loads to the ground safely without exceeding the permitted load or which can be covered by parts of the structure of the system itself.
– Substructure or the structure below: is the basic structure that forms the foundation of a building.
– Structure: columns, beams and buttresses supporting structure of the floor and roof.
– Superstructure or superstructure is a vertical extension of the building on the foundation.

Of building elements mentioned above, can then be arranged so that in accordance with their respective functions and efficiently as possible, because one element against another interconnected into a single unit that is called building or home.